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Monday, May 15, 2006

Ray made it...

Congrats Ray Lewis for making to the U hall of fame. U deserve it U are the man. U have added to legendary status of the U. Enjoy your free socks and HDTV.

Monday, May 01, 2006

2006 Draft Recap

The draft is over and it is official… The Canes are the greatest football dynasty of the last quarter century.

Miami extended it current record of 12 straight NFL Drafts with at least 1 first round selection. 9 players selected to the pros: Kelly Jennings, Sinorice Moss, Rocky McIntosh, Devin “Anytime” Hester, Eric Winston, Rashad Butler, Leon Williams, Orien Harris, and Marcus Maxey.

Soon there will be 3 pro team comprised of only Hurricane players: The Redskins, The G-men, and the Ravens. As for some shout outs, Edge is now and Zona and ready to kick some behind (now that he PAID)! Wilfork, bring it home to NE!

Unfinished business:
Who will be the biggest letdown of the 2006 Draft? . . . Reggie Bush!
He has the biggest expectations for starters, so anything short of the other team exploding upon see Bush would be a failure. For real thou; remember all the hype around a player named Michael Vick? Well Mr. Bush is expected to play running back, wide out, slot receiver, kickoff specialist and punt return extraordinaire. You can not play those positions without getting banged up, and Reggie “Bitch Boy” Bush will ever be able to withstand the pounding.

Miami Draft Selections

Player, Pos, round, pick, Team

Kelly Jennings CB 1 31(31) Seattle Seahawks
Rocky McIntosh OLB 2 3(35) Washington Redskins
Sinorice Moss WR 2 12(44) NY Giants
Devin Hester RS 2 25(57) Chicago Bears
Eric Winston OT 3 2(66) Houston Texans
Rashad Butler OT 3 25(89) Carolina Panthers
Leon Williams ILB 4 13(110) Cleveland Browns
Orien Harris DT 4 36(133) Pittsburgh Steelers
Marcus Maxey CB 5 22(154) Kansas City Chiefs

Not the best showing for the U, but certainly respectable.

Nice Draft People

Ulumni representation on the G-men is much appreciated. Moss in NY, sounds sweet. Hurricanes will be taking the title home in 06.
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